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12 Days Xmas Interview: La Muerta


I think I speak for us all when I say that its a huge pleasure to have La Muerta aboard the train for the Xmas giveaway. They are a hugely loved brand and it shows with several other brands in this giveaway have shared their love for their designs. We discussed; 2012 plans including toys and outerwear, how we should all be checking out seasonal winter beers, the ringmaster and more!

What/Who are La Muerta? What is your motivation to the brand going?

La Muerta is a clothing line featuring original pieces from some of the most odd minds, worldwide, in the graphic/art/toy/design community. We try to cultivate a feeling of ominousness and weirdness, but with each artist doing his or her own special take on the current theme, so every shirt is different than the last. Right now, Act 01’s theme is “Hey, hi there… I am Lady Death.”

Your getting a lot of love from fellow brands in this giveaway! What do you put your success down to?

We are really grateful for those shout-outs (horns up in the air for TwinSrpnt, Never LTD, Tee Face, Carte Postale.). We truly appreciate the support. We are just having fun and doing what we like, so I guess fun is good! \m/

What are your favourite and most popular designs to date?

We believe each design builds the atmosphere and feel of the brand.
Every time we release a new shirt, it sort of becomes our newest favorite. That being said, we have to go with Ringmaster as #1, since our customers/fans ravaged it right off the bat and it sold out in a few days.

What people would you recommend to follow on twitter?

We curate a couple of lists through our Twitter account, which we try to keep relevant and full of sick artists and rad indie companies. You can follow those lists here: http://twitter.com/#!/_LaMuerta_/lists

What are your plans ahead into 2012 and beyond?

Where to start? We are digging our claws into the outerwear early in the year so that’s exciting. We are also going for a solid run in the resin figure/toy/collectibles area this upcoming year, probably dabbling with some animated shorts, and of course, more weirdness on t-shirts. Act 02 will be a huge step in the direction of the line.

If you could win a t-shirt from this giveaway from a fellow brand who would it be?

We would love to get 3 shirts for Xmas: Dark Sponge from ShirtCult, Water by Disobey and Aphrodite by TwinSrpnt.

What is the best thing about the holiday season?

Seasonal beer… yup, the beer.

Thanks La Muerta; Follow @_lamuerta_ on Twitter and Facebook.