We thank and welcome Nekkid Tees to the pages of The Tee Gazette in this first interview for day five of the 12 days of Xmas Giveaway. We discussed who Nekkid tees are, and why we should always have a t-shirt on answering the door for the pizza guy. Their love for 604republic, watching the Christmas Story and more.

Why Nekkid tees? What makes your brand stand out in the online t-shirt world?

Nekkid Teess listens to its customer base with suggestions for new tees. This allows us to focus on what the customer really wants. Another big plus from NekkidTees is that we offer Flex printing on over 90% of our tees. Flex can last longer than the t-shirt when cared for correctly.

If your nekkid do we all need tees? What design is the best that we should all go out and buy today?

It’s always good to be nekkid but there are times you need to put clothes on. Like when the pizza delivery person shows up, they tend to frond when you answer the door nekkid. That’s where we come in. 🙂

As for the best design, well everyone’s opinion is different, oddly enough our top 3 sellers are “You Are Getting Very Very Horny “, “Calm Down Take A Deep Breath & Hold It For About 20 Minutes ” and “If You Run You’ll Only Go To Jail Tired

What can you tell us about any new plans afoot in 2012?

In 2012 we plan on adding hundreds of new designs that are backlogged, we just had a new and first addition to the household this year so I’ve been enjoying that, and focus on adding a lot more career sections that customers have been asking for.

Who in this giveaway do you want to win a t-shirt from if you could?

There are so many great tee companies in this giveaway it’s really tough to choose. I would probably choose 604republic.com as my first choice. That zombie smurf shirt is dead sexy.

What are your favourite tweeters from your social networking circles?

I think all my tweeters are my favorite just because they are a good insight to today’s fashion. You can learn so much from tweets and then market around the latest trends.

What is your best memory of the holiday season?

If it can be anything I would have to say watching the “The Christmas Story”. Sadly like 90% of my friends hate that movie… Thankfully my wife loves it. It just reminds me of simpler times and family traditions, plus I really want that lamp!

We give thanks to Nekkid Tees for this interview; Follow on Facebook or @NekkidTees on Twitter.

Jared Thompson
Co-editor and writer for Indie Minded since its launch and under its previous guise of The Tee Gazette. I also run popular design blog Design Juices.