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TTG Brand Spotlight: FSU Clothing


Here we handover to owner of the FSU Clothing (aka Fairly Stylish Underachievers) brand to tell us about their brand, visions and thoughts of the future.

“Currently, the world’s population stands at around 7 billion people, and depending on which story you choose to believe, human life has been around for at least 200,000 years.

Despite all this time and all these people, there’s only ever been one Hendrix, one Cobain, one Tyson, one Cash. Now some people are born with a gift, we’re not denying that, but for many people it takes numerous years and hundreds of hours of practice in the studio or in the gym or on the field or in the ring.

If you’re that motivated to succeed and willing to put in the hours in to do it, great, if you’re not, even better, we’re here underachieving right beside you, we’re here for you. We’re the generation that are proud to underachieve and we love it, and what’s more we love looking good whilst doing it. We’re just saying, of 7 billion only a handful have what it takes to succeed? Please, we’re just being busy choosing not too.

We are FSU, and We are stylishly underachieving.

Viva la revolution.”

T-shirts are available at £15 online, with their vests at only £12.

Rock and Roll Is Dead

DH Skull

Sugar Skull

Crossed Keys

Check out the full FSU Online Store.

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