Time for another t-shirt review, this time around we’re looking at a great design from Miles To Go called To Kill A Mockingbird. One of my favorite books, To Kill A Mockingbird instantly became the design I was going to pick to be my first Miles To Go purchase. As always, I do not wear the shirts before I review them, and this one I’m looking forward to pulling on!

My new t-shirt arrived to me in a simple black poly bag, which to me is completely sufficient. Inside waiting for me were two bookmarks, and a business card size card with a coupon code on it for a future purchase. Two thumbs up!

If you don’t know anything about Miles To Go, here’s a bit about the company:

•MILES TO GO• began as my creative outlet for myself, Greg Kerr after years of being turned off by the clothing available in stores and online. I wanted to see more clothing that had meaning behind the images and wasn’t just a ton of logos and names slapped all over a shirt to create a walking billboard. I have always been very influenced by art and literature and decided quickly that I would base the line around that theme. I want to offer clothing that goes against the stream and doesn’t play into current trends in indie fashion. The goal was to create the kind of shirt that you want to wear for years and create a piece of walking art that has a story behind it. I hear a lot from customers who really enjoy explaining the tee’s to their friends and when strangers stop and ask them about it. Miles to go is my chance to be a patron of the arts and share my influences and hopefully turn people on to new books and literature they previously hadn’t known about.

Ok, back to the review!

Here’s what my t-shirt looks like:

Here are a few more images of To Kill A Mockingbird, including a look at their custom tag / hangtag, and a nice closeup of how the ink looks on this shirt:

I am super happy with the way this t-shirt feels, it’s printed on American Apparel, so I know I’ll be happy with the way it washes. When it comes to the ink, you can BARELY feel it, it’s super soft.

All in all, I’m giving this one two thumbs up. I’ll certainly be purchasing through Miles To Go again! Anyone who’s a fan of literature should take a closer look at Miles To Go!


Kelly Murphy
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