First things first, go check out the stupidly cool animation found on the TeeTotal Clothing homepage. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before, and no don’t be put off it isn’t a 1990’s era flash landing page much better!

Another brand which shares my frustration of the boring high street fashion found here in the UK, they have a strong lineup of tees available with the Helium works design as my favourite.

TeeTotal Clothing is a student run clothing brand based in Bristol with a vision to blur the lines between wearing a tshirt and wearing a piece of art. The idea for TeeTotal Clothing was born last year when we realised many of our friends shared our frustrations with High Street fashion. We’ve all come back from Topman with our new favourite tshirt only to find out another two of your friends have the same one, that’s when we decided to do something fresh and different. All our tees are limited edition breaking away from the mass produced High Street alternatives available on the market.

TeeTotal Clothing is setting the way in individual fashion with every single t shirt being part of a limited run… Each tshirt is designed by a different one of our amazing team of artists and only printed in a numbered batch of 250, just like a limited piece of art. We like to think of a t shirt as simply a mobile canvas.

Part of what we are trying to achieve at TeeTotal Clothing is to promote up and coming artists world-wide and in some cases be a stepping stone or platform for some bright futures in design and illustration. We try to promote our artists as much as we can, from putting their name on the hang tags, to a small artist bio next to each product on our site. Most importantly, we do this whilst offering the exciting designs and apparel that we believe both our, and your, target market is searching for.

TeeTotal Clothing Online Store | Facebook | @TeeTClothing

Jared Thompson
Co-editor and writer for Indie Minded since its launch and under its previous guise of The Tee Gazette. I also run popular design blog Design Juices.


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