Coffee and Cigarettes Clothing have now released their second collection to the web, only been going just over a year so the guys are still learning. Limited printing means their designs maintain some exclusivity and you can steal one of the designs for only $18, not bad i’d say!

Coffee and Cigarettes, founded in 2011, has just released their second collection, which showcases their punk and hardcore influences as well as their love of dark imagery and a clean design sensibility. Each of the designs is limited to 50 (no reprints!) to ensure that this collection truly is something special. And the shirts are only 18 dollars! Quite a steal compared to some brands, amirite?

If you use the discount code BOUTTIME you can receive 20% off all of the shirts from the first line with a minimum purchase of 18 dollars.

Coffee and Cigarettes Clothing Online Store | Facebook | Tumblr | @coffeecigscc

Jared Thompson
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