Here we showcase four of the latest designs to be released from 604 republic, they have a whole bundle of tees to satisfy your appetite for all things geeky and gaming.

Red On You $21

“Let’s all go to the Winchester, we’ll take a shortcut. What’s the matter, David? Never taken a shortcut before?”

Beliefs $21

“Science doesn’t care about invisible men in the sky, crazy conspiracy theories, or the power of wishful thinking. We’re looking at you “The Secret”. Science cuts through all the bullshit and that’s why the equation of Science > Beliefs will always be true.”

Mad Portal $21

“This is going to be a really long fall, though likely a very stylish one.”

Malvin and Cobbes $21

“They aim to misbehave.”

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Jared Thompson
Co-editor and writer for Indie Minded since its launch and under its previous guise of The Tee Gazette. I also run popular design blog Design Juices.