“My Culture, My Swag” is the brand’s motto, I’d agree with many of you who are maybe clicking away now. ‘Swag’ should be banned, maybe I should ban all emails which include a brand telling me how big their swag is?

Aside from me thinking the brand name is missing a vowel, brand owner Jonathan tells me it mean to shorten from Artistic Passion which stems from him designing in high school. The designs are still stuck in high school, as much as you want to encourage people the brand has a lot to grow from which its small roots.

Rtistick Clothing

I’ve not even got to the part where designs are being sold from a blogspot site, put this atop of your lists of things to do before you do anything. Don’t sell via a ‘blog’ if you don’t want a bespoke site, work with big cartel or storenvy or similar. Is it just me who would never buy anything from a setup like this?

The brand has a lot to improve upon, I’d encourage them to listen to all comments to improve. Otherwise I can only see it stuck in high school swagging with the teenagers.

Jared Thompson
Co-editor and writer for Indie Minded since its launch and under its previous guise of The Tee Gazette. I also run popular design blog Design Juices.


  1. These shirts are HOT you must not be from a small city and making things happen because no one from here makes it and the whole city knows who he is and he’s making moves in different states now! Stop hating on his SWAG!!!

  2. Johnathan is a very talented artist, each blogger has their own oppion but I don’t believe you should put someone down and tell them who the audience will be because one your obviously wrong because the whole city rocks Rtistick clothing and seeing as its his clothing line he can name it whatever he wants because HE owns it! Swag is something we take pride in just because you don’t personally like “swag” does not give you the right to down his motto. All in all he is managing his business the way he wants rather you like the way he does it or not! I SUPPORT RTISTICK CLOTHING!

  3. Coincidence that both comments come from the same IP? So not only did you not take a moment to compose yourself before a very unprofessional email you tried to support yourself by posting bogus comments.

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