Hurricane Sandy (aka: Frankenstorm, aka: Superstorm Sandy) chugged up the east coast on October 29th and pretty much wiped out parts of New Jersey and New York, among other states and locations.

Many people didn’t take this storm as seriously as they should’ve, shrugging it off as just another autumn storm. Well, let’s tell that to the millions of people without pout, the many that lost their lives, homes, and personal belongings.

How can we help? Well, ONE way you can help is buy purchasing this t-shirt, which is a collaborative effort between Jersey Trash and Winky Boo. This design REVIVE – REBUILD – RECOVER is available for purchase right now for $20.00 USD.

All proceeds will go back to the American Red Cross who will use the funds to help people directly affected by Sandy.

Grab yours today!

Kelly Murphy
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