Moms of little monsters are going to love this small business, so let’s swing that spotlight on over and take a closer look a Lu & Ed! When you hit the shop, you’re going to see what is called Mon-stors on the shelves. What’s a Mon-stor? Mon-stors are eco-friendly toy storage solutions for kids! You can hang them from a door, in the closet, or even in a car – and have your kids feed their Mon-stors toys, laundry, jackets and gloves or anything you need extra storage for!

Now that I have your attention, here’s a bit more about Lu & Ed:

Owned and operated by Cody, Lu & Ed adopts out their Mon-stors to loving homes! Here’s a bit more from Cody:

I run an eco-friendly business by buying 90% of my fabrics from thrift stores or swapping with other crafters for materials, and I use all my fabric scraps to stuff monster plushes or make dog beds that I donate to local animal rescues. I also ship all my monsters in recycled packaging! 🙂

Let’s check out some of the Mon-stors on the shelf:


Dig what you see? Here are a few other spots you can keep up with Lu & Ed at:

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