Today we are happy to be interviewing indie artist Richard Clayton Design, his work has seen him recently design for Pierce the Veil, Young Guns and you will know him from his work with Rock Candy.

What first got you into designing for t-shirts and clothing?

I think I started when I was about 16 or 17, the band I was in at the time needed some tshirt designs.
As the only member of band with any design knowledge it fell to me to come up with something. Since then I haven’t stopped.

Are you still kicking around making music in a band? Any plans to take it up again?

I still write the odd tune now and again and I would like to get back into a band but its just finding the time and the right people to start one up.

What has been your most succesful design to date?

I think it would have to be the “Don’t be a sucker!” design I created for RockCandy. They were flying out of the door, we found it hard to keep up with demand!

Which designers have had an influence over your work the most?

Definitely Chris Delorenzo, the guys at DoubleNaut, Graham Pilling (a.k.a armyofcats) Cameron Steward (a.k.a twoducksdisco) & Drew Millward.

Everything those guys put out is always spot on perfect.

Which brands do you enjoy their work and tees the most?

Johnny Cupcakes, Hotlife, 8BitZombie, Rebel Eight, Honour over glory. Those brands have always seemed to have their own identity and always put out solid design and good quality garments. There is nothing worse than a great design on a shoddy shirt.

What tees stand out for you the most with brands like 8BitZombie, Rebel Eight & Honour over glory?

I’ve always been a fan of big graphics on shirts, usually the bigger the better. The shirts I have from those brands have always had great artwork and composition.

What plans do you have for yourself in the future?

Continue to create and design for bands and brands! The bigger the better! This year I have had the pleasure of working with Young Guns, Finch & Pierce the Veil, so I would hope to continue to work with great musicians that i respect.

What experiences and lessons did you take from working with Young Guns, Finch & Pierce the Veil?

I would say that I learnt that pushing yourself and always trying to create something you’d be pround of always pays off in the end.

What equipment and programs do you prefer when creating your designs?

I usually start will just a pencil and paper, its really importants to get those initial ideas down on paper first before spending hours on the computer only to not be happy with the layout or composition. From the initial sketch I usually scan that into illustrator and get the type and line work down, once i’m happy with it i’ll usually switch over to photoshop for the colour and texture effects. I’ve had a Wacom tablet for some years now, its a great tool and saves so much time.

Whats next for RockCandy in 2013 and beyond?

Next year we will be realeasing Part2 of our winter range, lots more custom garments such as jackets, jumpers and hats. Previously we have always stuck to tshirts so its exciting to add to the brand with some different products. We’ll also be at some of the festivals next year so keep an eye out for us!

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Jared Thompson
Co-editor and writer for Indie Minded since its launch and under its previous guise of The Tee Gazette. I also run popular design blog Design Juices.