Here we extend our artist interview series further to share the work and thoughts of illustrator and animator Scott Weston aka Hoborobo.


Who is Scott Weston?

I’m an Illustrator/Animator who lives in the UK which is pretty good if you like a lot of rain all year round. I have always been into drawing cartoon characters, my school books were always covered in doodles of various characters that I either came up with or liked from TV.

I probably play too many videogames and watch too much movies and television but that’s the way I like it. I suppose that’s why I came to design t-shirts as I have absorbed so much pop culture growing up and still do today.

Do you have a favourite design you have created to date? Which has gotten the most attention?

My favourite design has got to be “Rubacava“, it is probably because I am a big fan of the game Grim Fandango. I also had a tweet from Tim Schafer giving me his approval of the design which made my day. I would love to see that game released in HD on consoles.


I have had many designs that have received a lot of attention but the design that has been the most socially popular is my “Dress up Mario” design. It received a ton of tumbles and was featured on a few websites like and

Dress up Mario

What plans do you have in 2013 for your designs and tees? Is it hard to keep yourself fresh creating new designs?

I have a lot of animation work on at the moment for a show called “You have been warned” on the discovery channel, so my current plan it to try and squeeze some designs out while working on that. It will be really hard not being able to design as much, as I have a lot of designs planed.

I don’t really find it difficult creating fresh designs as there are plenty of inspiring things out there. I also think it helps that I don’t try to limit myself to a particular drawing style as it opens up even more ways of creating a design.

What inspires your work and designs?

It’s difficult to pin it down to a few things but inspiration can come from anywhere. For example if you look at the dress up designs I did, I found inspiration from the old paper dolls they used to print in kids magazines. I usually design things I’m a fan of otherwise my heart wouldn’t be in it and I think I would find it difficult to find any inspiration.

Which illustrators and animators work do you find inspiration from? Which are leading the way in your industry do you think?

I follow the work of quite a few people but at the top of the list it’s Doug Tennaple (Earthworm Jim), Scott Campbell (Great Showdowns), Skottie Young (Oz graphic novels) and Creature Box (Ratchet and Clank). Those guys all have a really creative and fresh way of thinking and it always inspires me to see what they come up with. In animation I love Studio Ghibli and the work they do, if you look at the scene in Spirited Away where Chihiro is in the car with her parents, there is such an attention to detail it’s amazing!

Dib and the E.T

What are your favourite tv shows and films?

This list could go on forever so I will try to keep it short and say a few. My favourite tv shows are Invader Zim, Father Ted, Carnivale and Eerie Indiana. Movies are Back to the Future 2, Spirited Away, Donnie Darko and Grumpy Old Men.

What are your favourite video games today? & which were your favourites growing up?

I play and like a ton of games but the games I love playing today are adventure games like the ones I played growing up. Games like Stacking, Machinarium and Hector Badge of Carnage. I also enjoy the new Rayman Origins game, Just Cause 2 and Chibi Robo.

My favourite games growing up were Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario World and Day of the tentacle, I have lost count how many times I have completed each of those.

What would be your dream job?

I have always wanted to just draw cartoon characters, so I am pretty much there! I would love to own an animation studio that makes 2D television series. I have had an idea for a TV show for years but I have never had the time to do anything major with it which has always bugged me, so it would be nice to finally get it out of my head on onto the screen.

How do you relax away from work? Or is work something you love that your always immersed in it?

I love work but sometimes it can be a bit much sitting in a computer chair all day, so to relax from that I usually spend time with my friends watching movies and playing videogames or just generally hanging out not doing too much.

Who are your favourite people to follow on twitter?

There are too many to mention but here are a highlight of a few just because they are funny creative people:

@JhonenV – Jhonen Vasquez (The creator of Invader Zim)
@buenothebear – Pendleton Ward (The creator of Adventure time)
@TimOfLegend – Tim Schafer (The creator of Grim Fandango)
@skottieyoung – Skottie Young (Illustrator of the Oz graphic novels)

The Bigfoot of Endor

Hello Scroogie

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