Teeketch describes himself as “Just a geek who likes making designs and illustrations.” Here we find a little out about him, his design, influences and which video games and comics he loves.

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Who is Teeketch?

Teeketch is me. Just a guy who loves video games and comics and making art. I have a comic in the works that involves all of these things so it is very exciting.

Do you have a favourite design you have created to date? Which of your designs has gotten the most hits/sales?

I don’t have any one particular design that is my favorite as shirt design is just a small part of what I am doing with my art. I have favorite illustrations/characters I have designed though. But if I had to pick it would probably be my design depicting Finn and Jake as Link and Navi. That is also the design that has garnered the most notice.

What was the process behind putting a design like Link and Navi together? How did go from Idea > paper > computer?

The process with me on that design was pretty simple. I thought what other young protagonist goes on adventures and is a hero like Finn and Link was a natural fit. As far as making Jake navi it was simple as that was the best way to interpret him in that design. As far as that design goes though I started digitally with a rough sketch and just inked and colored it right in Photoshop. A lot of the time when I am doing designs I will just rough it out right on the computer. I generally only draw my own illustrations or those for prints out on paper first.

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What plans do you have in 2013 with new tees? Is it hard to keep yourself fresh?

Plans for 2013 include a lot of things I can’t talk about yet haha. As far as shirts go though I do find it hard at times to stay fresh but more so personally. I know that I could do things in a similar styls to what I have done before and people would still love it but when I am making art for a shirt I do it for me first. So trying to keep myself happy and push myself artistically are the biggest hurdles.

Has your work reached any of the tee-a-day sites? Which of them do you enjoy the most?

My work has been featured on ShirtPunch, Teefury, RIPT Apparel, The Yetee and Qwertee as well as Another Fine Tee. I don’t have a favorite per se as I enjoy working with most everybody. Though ShirtPunch has printed me the most so they are awesome for that. I am always honored and humbled when work of mine is chosen for print. The sale numbers don’t matter as much to me as the honor of them appreciating something I did enough to print it does. But that is just me.


What artists/creatives inspire your work and designs?

This is a good question so I will give two answers. Illustration wise my favorite illustrator is Inoue Takehiko. In terms of tee design my favorite would be my good friend InkOne. Takehiko is immensely talented and equally passionate about his work and it is always an inspiration to look at his art and comics and feel compelled to draw yourself. InkOne is seriously great. The dude has such a unique style and such a great command over color and layout. I am fortunate to have come to know him well and am always picking his brain for pointers and advice. I truly consider him a friend.

What other artists in the community do you enjoy? Have you collaborated with any of them on designs?

I enjoy most of the artists I see work from. Though some ones that jump immediately to mind would be InkOne, Winter Artwork, Drawsgood Illustration & Design, Harebrained, Creative Outpouring, Atomic Rocket, TeevsTee, Brandon Wilhelm, and CoD designs. I have been fortunate enough to work with a few of them already (InkOne, CoD Designs and Brandon Wilhelm) and hope to someday work with all of them as they are all immensely talented individuals.

What are your favourite comics and video games?

Well I don’t know that I could pick favorites as it’s sort of a revolving door of things I happen to be really into at the moment. So, instead I will list some of my favorite series in comics and gaming. Comics I would have to say Batman, Invincible, Vagabond, The Walking Dead and Daredevil are among my favorites. Games would be the Metal Gear Solid, Zeldaseries as well as indie side scrollers. I am really into games like Braid, Fez, Dust, and Castle Crashers.

Who are your favourite friends/people to follow on twitter?

Well I don’t follow to many people on twitter as I don’t use it much (though I am getting more into it) but mainly I follow the folks from Penny Arcade as well as some other people who make web comics.

Anatomy of a Neighbor

Oliver and Drippy

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