Frank Palangi releases his latest EP ‘I Am Ready’ you can buy online, the music is also available on iTunes and Amazon. “Bringing creativity that remolds the mainstream rock genre and busts out thought provoking lyrics while arranging a positive outlook for the modern audience. Slamming energy and new life onto airwaves with a sonic blend of melodies, that speaks to the listeners.”


2013 brings new light, exposure and industry game with the EP album titled “I AM READY”. The 2012 single “I AM READY” proved to be a solid modern rock track that attracts your attention and is not the traditional cookie cutter material with raw ambition. Along with “FROZEN” the ballad single off the record, producer Rob Coates from Nashville, TN, who has worked with many mainstream and Grammy nominated artists, has brought that raw, solid, and modern twist with Frank’s honest, determined, and motivating personally to life. Members of signed acts from “Pillar” drummer Lester Estelle jr and guitar Noah Henson, “Eowyn” guitarist Jacob Veal has performed with Frank as well. “Frank’s natural talent and certifies that he can write songs that compete with the big boys of rock.” Jamsphere Magazine.
I AM READY: This is a song I wanted to do after doing my debut EP saying “I AM READY” because I felt that. Leaning in bit different direction I think it has more kick, maturity, and drive. Whatever someone’s passion is to do in life, do it because you won’t be happy if you don’t. Follow your dreams.
FROZEN: Moving forward from a past relationship with self determination and faith by changing course while the other is frozen, stuck in the past. Was very cool getting the guitarist and drummer of Pillar for this track. I had mixed emotions with the type of song when I wrote it but love the way it all came together.

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Jared Thompson
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