Time to spin that spotlight around again, this time let’s point it onto this duo from New York called Supersmall. Comprised of Colin (guitar, vocals) and Daniela (drums), Supersmall is a indie folk/roots/rock band who’s members met each other on the New York storytelling scene (The Moth, TOLD, Speakeasy, etc…. basically long form stand up comedy). Their main influence is Neil Finn, which isn’t a bad artist to get your influence from, by the way!

A bit more about Supersmall, from the words of Colin:

I work construction by day and Daniela is an Israeli neuroscientist – we all gotta pay the bills right? We met on the New York storytelling scene (The Moth, TOLD, Speakeasy etc – basically long form stand up comedy, or the American version of) and we’re also writers and I think some of that shows up in our music. Our main influence is Neil Finn although we have a slight country sound (please keep reading). People have said that the songs are catchy and the lyrics are mature and somewhat poetic. The most often remark we get is that the record sounds like road trip music. Daniela and I have traveled quit a bit playing in different bands so I guess it’s soaked into the music.

They released their debut EP called This Other World about a month ago, and they worked hard on it, so be sure to take a listen to it, you can stream it from here:

FYI: The last/7th song “Fireworks” on Soundcloud is actually a hidden track on the physical record.

Like what you hear? Keep up to date on all things Supersmall at the following links:

Facebook | @Supersmallmusic

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