Here we expand our interview series onto Madalena Alberto, a portugese singer-songwriter who now lives and works in London. We talk to Madalena about her first single ‘Forever Strange’, her EP ‘Heart Condition’, musical influences & more.


What it been like since you released your first single ‘Forever Strange’? What is the single about?

I have been very happy with people’s interest in this single. It was a video on Youtube of a Live recording which, by public demand, ended up on sale and released on iTunes. It was quite a spontaneous recording as it was only meant to be performed with Daniel Grey on bass and me on guitar. The other two musicians turned up last minute! I heard Daniel Waples and his hang drum were in town for a few hours so I invited him to join us, and it was the first time I met Flavio, the violin player, who was traveling the world with Daniel.

The song for me was about relaxing with who we are, with our flaws and our strengths, and see that no matter what is conventionally expected of you, you can make your life your own.

You’ve since released your EP ‘Heart Condition’ What has the reception been like so far?

The reception has been so positive! I believe people enjoy the eclectic sounds of the EP, the story telling, and now I wish we had recorded a whole album, as there are so many more stories to share. These four songs are quite different in styles and evoke very different moods, and people seem to tap into that and have their own interpretations.


Do you have any plans for upcoming shows or tours?

At the moment I have been focusing on other projects as I am also an actress, but I am very looking forward to a little Heart Condition tour when my schedule allows. I feel I haven’t promoted or performed the songs enough. So I know it’ll come pretty soon.

What music were you influenced by growing up? What would be your favourite music to listen too today?

Both my parents were classical musicians, and they weren’t into any sort of contemporary popular music. But I ended up listening to a lot of american music while growing up such as Cole Porter and George Gershwin, and to a lot of Prince thanks to my next door neighbour! Right now I love listening to all kind’s of music, though I don’t tend to be updated with radio trends. I am very much into folk music, as in Portuguese, Spanish, Celtic, French… as well as artists such as Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley.

If you could collaborate with any artists in the future who would you pick?

That is a hard one as I would love to learn from so many people, but Tom Waits, John Mayer and Joni Mitchell, are names that pop into my mind.

How are you finding living in London, how receptive has it been to your music?

London has been very kind to me, I’ve been here for over a decade now and been very fortunate with all it has presented me with. I think the reason why people connect with my music might be because of my portuguese and acting background, as i try to incorporate some traditional way of singing as well as telling stories from my heart, and ultimately that is what anyone wants – to feel connected and know how similar we all are in all our heartbreaks, our humour, our fears and hopes.

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  1. Amazing interview! Love Madalena’s music! I can’t get tired of listening to her music!

  2. Yeah! Madalena has the most special voice I have ever heard! I’m so in love with her music too…

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