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Indie Minded Radio September Top 10 Countdown


This is our September top 10 featuring music that we’ve played on the radio show, and a few new tracks that we haven’t played yet.

We hope you enjoy this, our latest top 10, as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Please leave comments below with YOUR favorite song from this list.

Big thanks go out to all of the artists for allowing us to spin their great music on our radio show.

1. Fairy Bones – Like Like

2. Bearstronaut – A Better Hand

3. Ayre Point – Clutching at Air

4. Memoir – Los Angeles

5. The Open Feel – Pushing Back

6. ERLAND – Fall To Fly

7. The Adventures Of – Animal

8. The Deep North – Wake Up

9. Whispery Club – Between My Home and Your House

10. Flavia & The Red –  Whiskey and Lace