On Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Margaret Cho brought her “Mother” tour to The Wilbur Theatre in Boston.  Ferociously honest.  Blunt.  Direct. No-nonsense.  Margaret Cho has never been one to sugar-coat her feelings – or, well, anything.  Unapologetically speaking about her penchant for sex, the company of gay men, and her yearning to become a mother in the near future, Cho bares her soul to the crowd, all the while ensuring to not omit slight interjections of imitations of her mother – a part of her stand-up that has remained a staple throughout the years.


Unflinchingly honest, intellectually stimulating, candid, and constantly evolving personally, I have seen Cho about seven times and each time a large part of the material was fresh and different from the previous tour; she will never bore by throwing recycled shtick at you.  I have yet to tire of her, as previous comics seem to fizzle out over the years.  Having started to foray into the music world and include a few originals into her shows, the night was closed out with an authentic Cho tune referencing a “fat” part of her…female anatomy.  “Mother,” indeed – Margaret Cho is the mother of sass and sauce; somehow – I sense motherhood won’t slow her down in the least.



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Jen Vesp
Jen is a band photographer with over 13 years of experience, a music junkie, and tech geek – with a penchant for sarcasm and good sushi (not necessarily in that order). Always seeking out new music and challenges, she has formed her eclectic taste over years of traveling up and down the East Coast voraciously taking in live shows.