Time to turn the spotlight onto another indie artist, and this time we’re taking a closer look at Ruca. Raised by die hard deadheads with pure flower power in Cave Creek, AZ, Ruca’s music emanates from a love of organic sounds, grooves that move, and lyrics that flow. If she’s not performing at a show, she’s probably on the road to go see one. Addicted to music and the beauty it brings; her smoky, soulful voice tells her story with a resounding, infectious energy. Since the release of her debut album Flow (produced by Nashville veteran Jack Howell of WilloDisc), she’s been honing her live chops at Arizona nightclubs and festivals both with a full band and as a solo acoustic artist. No matter what the ensemble, Ruca never fails to mesmerize audiences with her raw-silk voice and irrefutable charisma every time she gets behind the mic. Hoping to headline festivals world-wide, Ruca is aiming high and wants to bring everyone along for the ride.

Ruca does have a band backing her, and they consist of:

Ruca – Lead vocals​

Jack Howell – Guitar, keys & harmony vocals​

Anamieke Quinn – Bass & harmony vocals​

Doug Preston – Guitar & harmony vocals​

Josh Montag – Drums & percussion​

Ruca started by playing covers in her closet for 10 years and uploading the videos to YouTube. She’s currently working on her 2nd full length CD and travels around Arizona with her 5-piece band.

What a voice on this girl. Remember this spotlight in a few years….. sometimes you can just feel it, and I can feel it. Reach for the stars, Ruca!

Take a listen:

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Facebook | @casaRUCA

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