Our friend Mary Scholz released her new CD called The Girl You Thought You Knew on February 18th, and we’ve got a review on it for you here today on Indie Minded.

A bit about Mary in case you’ve missed our past articles on her:

Mary was born in Havertown, PA and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Mary’s music is a blend of lyric folk and pop/rock with a bittersweet twist that puts her in a category of her own. It’s certainly hard to pigeon hole Mary, as stated. She has a sound that reminds you of Paula Cole, Carole King and Amy Grant, which puts her squarely in the strong woman, singer/songwriter category if you must corral her into a box.

Boasting a beefy 15 tracks, The Girl You Thought You Knew kicks off with the instrumental track A Mournful Noise. From there, Mary Scholz takes her listeners on a journey that swoops from sad, soulful songs to witty, upbeat tracks. Mary plays both guitar and piano on this new release, and her voice is her third instrument, which she uses beautifully.

Some standout tracks include “The Girl You Thought You Knew (I’m Sorry Baby),” “Beautiful Tortured Mess,” “One More Day,” and of course her single “Bridges We Burn” which you can listen to below:

If you’re looking for something a bit different than what is currently out there on the charts (and I mean that in the most sincere way), get on over and pick up The Girl You Thought You Knew and give it a spin. This is a great CD to listen to in front of a fire, snuggled up with a loved one and sipping on hot cocoa…. No, really… it is! Trust me!

Two thumbs officially up for The Girl You Thought You Knew! Great job, Mary.

Pick up The Girl You Thought You Knew today!

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