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Indie Musician Spotlight: Arielle



Here we have a spotlight on a 22 year old musician originally from New Jersey, but now residing in Los Angeles named Arielle. She was discovered by Queen’s own Brian May, which is a pretty big vote of confidence, if you ask me!

“I didn’t fit in,” says Arielle of the feeling she had growing up and later, trying to find her footing in music. Her self-titled EP (set for release in April, 2014 on Open E Music,) is the sound of the singer-songwriter-guitarist claiming her place – creatively, emotionally, existentially.

“I only wanted to be me/ I had the best intentions/ I was scattered in all directions,” she sings on the pop gem “California,” finally confiding, “I can’t find the sunshine in California.”

Also, anyone managed by Paul Geary Management (Paul is formally from the 90’s rock band Extreme) is OK in my book! Check out Arielle’s video introduction below:

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