We have for you a quick interview with new Boston band Quip they play Rock & Roll with a folky/bluesy twist.


Who is quip?

Quip is a band I formed recently with my friend Jesse. We play Rock & Roll with a folky/bluesy twist.

What bands have been your biggest influences?

Right now my favorite new artists are Mac Demarco and Real Estate. Jesse was in a grunge band called Nevermind a while back, so that also plays a role in our overall sound. We both grew up on classic rock, and we have a deep obsession with the blues, from Robert Johnson to Led Zeppelin to the Black Keys. Basically we just love music played by real people on real instruments, not that electronic stuff the kids are listening to these days.

Do you prefer playing live or writing/recording new material?

Playing live provides a rush of adrenaline that you can’t get anywhere else. Nothing beats the feeling of playing a kick ass show. Recoding is fun too, but it requires a good sense of direction or else you’ll get lost.

Boston is a hotbed of music and culture, Why do you think that is?

Boston is crazy. There are so many talented musicians, especially around Berklee. That’s like the best music school in the country and it attracts all these incredible musicians from around the world. There’s also a bunch of crazy Irish people. We also have some pretty cool night clubs like The Middle East, The Paradise, The Sinclair, The Burren… There’s just so much to do and so many awesome bands playing on any given night.

What’s your plans for 2014?

This year should be a busy one. We are releasing a full length album called “Pete’s Bird Emporium” later this spring. It will contain at least one song about an animal attack. Other than that we’ll keep playing shows around Boston/Cambrige and in the summer we’d like to hit Portland, Maine, and hopefully Montreal.

Tell us more about your album, what were the main inspirations for those songs?

The Quip CD, which we sell online and at shows, is split into two parts. The first six songs are rock & roll, electric guitars, drums ect… The last three songs are acoustic, and we recorded them live one night in Jesse’s attic at about 2 am. You should listen to that kid play mandolin. I guess some of the songs are about relationships and love and all that; some of them, like “Sweet Perfume” are complete nonsense and nobody should ever try to find any meaning in them. A couple songs are about our beautiful homeland, New England, and Aaron Hernandez. He did kill some people, and I wrote that song one day when I realized he wouldn’t be coming back. He was a really good player, and I was saddened to see my team suffer because of his dumbness. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned but he really let me down. Oh well, here’s to the future, and don’t forget to check out our new album due out late spring 2014.

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Jared Thompson
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