Tristram Baumber is an Australian comedy writer working in TV and radio, he also produces a web series off his own back called THE CLEANISTS.

“We’ve had a lot of success with the show on YouTube and it’s being broadcast across the UK regularly on Showcase TV. Being on Showcase is wonderful, as it means we’re beamed into millions of homes. We made ten episodes of THE CLEANISTS and t, it takes a few episodes to hit its stride, so if you’re only up for watching one episode, I’d suggest episode 4: “Summer Madness”.”

‘THE CLEANISTS is a short-form sitcom following the exploits of four partners who run a house-cleaning business. Each five-minute episode brings a new house to scrub and new challenges to conquer. Over the course of the series the team contends with everything from heatwaves to crime scene investigations to slightly spooky apparitions. At the heart of the show is everyman Gregg’s struggle to work with insane new partners Magda and Philip. Throw in a touch of romantic intrigue with Gregg’s long-time friend Libby and you’ve got all the makings of a classic comedy – with a twist of bleach.’

Youtube | @thecleanists

Jared Thompson
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