We share with you a short interview with Justin Barwick of Dy-verse Productions, he talks about the companies, music, his influences & more.


Who is Justin Barwick?

Justin Barwick is from San Mateo, I graduated from College of San Mateo, And Became Executive Producer of Dy-verse Productions and releases two compilations, and several digital releases featuring independent artists, I also like to watch wrestling, working out and making videos for youtube, I like Star Wars and my favorite tv show is The Simpsons

Who were your first musical influences?

Michael Jackson, Bone Thugs, 2pac, and Psycopathic Records

Which artists and bands inspire you today?

Artist and Producers that work with on my record label including Djripridah,K-rek,Coconut Loc,Roberto Sachez,Nitris 211,Pill Cosby,Dynamic, Young Green Dyce Mode

What has been your favourite project to complete to date?

I think releasing Sweatpants N D-Bo’s and selling enough to releases The Levey Vol. 2

Who are your favourite accounts to follow on twitter?

@garyarcher @ripridah @Nitris 211 @DYCE_MODE @ICP @ KEVINGILL IG REKILLION

Dy Verse Productions Soundcloud | Bandcamp | @ripridah

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