Skyler Man is a jewelry brand based out of Brooklyn, NY creating unique, edgy, cool jewelry with an eco-conscious attitude.

temptation ring

‘We evolved out of a need and want for jewelry with a certain edgy aesthetic that was also made using precious materials- jewelry for stylish people to keep as timeless treasures.’

gem candy bracelets

‘Alina Skyler, the designer behind Skyler Man, a native New Yorker, is inspired by the sights and sounds of New York, the streets, the music, growing up during the hey day of Club Kid culture and watching New York evolve. Her designs capture her diverse interests and the many facets of her personality- from glamour to fun, light to dark, gold to silver, vintage to modern.’

‘All of our jewelry is made locally in New York- the entire process, from design to sourcing materials to production is done in NYC. Many of our designs use recylced silver and gold, we source our diamonds and gems ethically and even our packaging is recycled.’

stacks of pearls

blue blood ring

druzy rings cocktail collection

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Jared Thompson
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