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Indie Music Spotlight Hipman Junky


Hipman Junky is a new fresh Indie pop singer/songwriter whose music is a unique blend of British street style with a twist.

‘Hipman Junky is currently finishing his debut album- a melting pot of sounds mirroring his diverse musical style and tastes. With a mixture of fresh modern indie-pop, live instruments and more. As an accomplished writer and producer, Hipman Junky has worked with an array of artists coming from all different genres and backgrounds and has realized that indie/pop music is his calling. His natural ability to write, sing and perform music shows a great talent and true love for his work and the genre as a whole. Although you can easily see Hipman dipping his toes back into many different musical genres, indie is clearly his passion. With his heart-felt songwriting and story-like lyrics, you will be encapsulated by the tracks, wanting to hear more.

Preparation for Hipman Junky’s UK performances our underway and promotion for the album is set to start as soon as the album is finished, which is expected to be 2014. More recently Hipman also has a song written for Ashley Roberts (Pussycat dolls) which will be on her album released in September 2014 & he’s currently working with Madness the 80s UK pop band to re write & release 2 of their previous hits.’

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