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Indie Band Spotlight Astronautics


ASTRONAUTICS are a band based in Cayey Puerto Rico founded in January 1st, 2013 (recently joining forces with Sonovibe Records.) The band is made up of songwriter Neal Chris, Rocket Guzman/Guitars, Angelika Kolsan/Bass and Ricardo A. Rivera/drums. ASTRONAUTICS mixes elements like soul to rock, hip hop, funk and R&B with its own indie formula naming their style “Indie SouL”. ASTRONAUTICS tries to balance time and space in musical sound waves for your entertainment.


‘ASTRONAUTICS first recorded their first album in an undisclosed studio in the mountains of Cayey Puerto Rico. November 15, 2013 was the release of ASTRONAUTICS first single “MISTAKE” to help launch ASTRONAUTICS as a hard working touring band on the rock scene in Puerto Rico. Mistake helped them achieve great critical aclaim that open the doors to sharing stages with some of the biggest names in the puerto rican rock scene.’

Watch out for the band new album launching Nov 15th 2014, with their new music video coming this fall.

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