We recently had some time to sit down with singer-songwriter Kiesza to ask her a few questions about Boston, her influences, and her new CD Sound Of A Woman. Kiesza is a singer-songwriter from Calgary, and is also an in-demand songwriter for acts across the globe, puts together her own stunning artwork, is a trained ballerina, and a former tall-ship sailor who the Army once attempted to train as a sniper.

Sit back and enjoy our interview!

Indie Minded: Who is Kiesza? Who were your first musical influences?

Kiesza: Kiesza is a creator… who also pulls out a few dance moves here and there 😉 I have a lot of different musical influences such as Robin S, Etta James, to Aaliyah but the ones that had the greatest effect on me were Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. I was also a huge fan of Cece Peniston, Aretha Franklin., and Ella Fitzgerald growing up and I also had hip hop influences like Dr. Dre and Jay Z.

IM: I’ve heard that you were previously enrolled in the Navy and also trained as a ballerina before attending Berklee College of Music right here in Boston. What made you decide to pursue music?

K: Sheer passion made me decide to pursue music! The moment I started writing I couldn’t stop and I’ve been writing since the moment I picked up a guitar. I do it simply because I love it.

IM: Your website description says that you are “the creator and curator of all things SteamPop.” How would you define the genre of SteamPop?

K: Steampop represents the fusion of ideas which is very much how I create. In art, I fuse mediums to create texture. In fashion I fuse different styles together with others that wouldn’t usually go together. I like to fuse different references with new ideas, it’s really just about bringing different sounds together to create new music.

IM: Your single, “Hideaway,” debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart and has received a lot of airplay in the United States. What was your reaction to its success?

K: I was absolutely mind blown by how Hideaway was received! I didn’t expect it to pick up right away or for people to gravitate towards my sound that fast. I thought it would take a lot longer so the fact that it received support quickly was unexpected and I’m really grateful for it!

IM: How are you feeling about your upcoming show in Boston? Do you enjoy being on the road and performing or do you prefer writing new music?

K: Im really excited to go back to Boston, I haven’t been there in so long. It will be strange to go back as a performer and not a student. Being on the road performing and writing new music go hand in hand for me. Being in the studio writing music is one of the best feelings for me. But when I’m on the road I look forward to every moment as well and one can’t really be fulfilled without the other so they definitely go hand in hand.

IM: Can we expect a full album in the near future? Can you tell us anything you may have planned for it? Lastly, what is your latest song obsession?

K: Yes I have an album coming out Oct 21st so very very soon! And my latest song obsession is “Won’t look back” by duke dumont.

Big thanks to Kiesza for taking time out of her schedule to sit down with us!

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Michelle Kwong
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