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Interview & Indie Minded Guest Mix with Tania Zygar


Previously we shared the collaboration between Tania Zygar and our friends in Babes & Gents, here we share a short interview with Tania Zygar and she has also put together this incredible Indie Minded Guest Mix for you to check out below.

tania zygar

Who is Tania Zygar? Who were your first musical influences?

I’m a singer-songwriter who loves making and mixing music. My fans know me mostly from EDM and trance releases for the past three years, but I’ve been hard at work for the past two years making my first solo album. Lately, I’ve have a penchant for refining my skills; piano and voice practise are now a daily thing, and my producer friends have been teaching me how to mix on a variety of mediums.

The first ever musical influence I can remember is Alanis Morissette and Jewel because they were the first CDs I got when I moved to Canada from France.

You’re about to release your first solo album, how have you found the industry response to your solo record?

I can’t say what the fans think because they haven’t heard it. But the musicians we’ve shown really adore it, it’s very musical because both Matt Lange and I come from different musical backgrounds and you can really hear that. What the big labels have been saying? Well that’s been the battle lately – because our influences are not what you consider “mainstream” the record shows that. Big labels want big drops and bangers and super uplifting tracks, the record is quite the opposite. It’s been a struggle marketing it properly but we’ve finally found a team that believes in my vision and I can’t wait to finally show everyone the final product.

What were your influences behind your mix for Indie Minded?

I wanted to curate towards the “Indie-minded” and chose tracks I’m listening to right now that are not you’re typical pop songs but are still catchy. I included some underground, old-school french rap with an EDM twist, melodic dub-step and kept it energetic. I wanted to keep your listeners interested and expose them to a different side of the dance music that’s going around right now. A lot of these are Canadian artists, and 20syl is French – I had to represent my roots!

Do you have a favourite song you enjoy performing the most live?

I’ve been doing a lot of acoustic work with musicians these past couple of months to get ready for the album and I have to say breaking down these songs on the piano are beautiful. We tested it a few days ago and the reaction was amazing. I really can’t wait to perform the album live because it’s going to show that my musicianship goes beyond “vocalist”.

Where do you feel more at home; In the studio writing & recording or on stage performing?

On stage performing. Those first 30 seconds on stage are the scariest – like conquering your biggest fear every single time, but then there’s this overwhelming joy that comes over me and nothing can top that roller-coaster. Especially when it’s just you and the guitar, or the piano, you can’t hide behind decks and effects and crazy drops and that makes it very personal.

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