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The Drum/Synth/Fuzz Music of Tiny Rockets


Tiny Rockets a UK band who are doin their own thing, which they call ‘Drum Synth Fuzz’, its all totally live recordings one shot no overdubs. Their latest ep called Drum Synth Fuzz you will understand ‘we are doing something a little different to most, we include vocals but also do a lot of instrumental stuff, the band is influenced by the likes of JSBX, Motley Crue, Motorhead, VoiVod, Aphex Twin, Joe Meek, JM Jarre & Kraftwerk…..plus many more!’

‘We create loud live theme’laden raw synth punk rock (not our qoute but we have been called this in the past!!), we are currently releasing our tracks thru our own Shotgun Charlie Label and our last album and latest eps are all available thru all the top download & streaming sites worldwide.’

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