We recently had a chance to sit down with indie folk / pop musician Lisa E. Williams. We hope you enjoy our interview and that you take time to check out some of her music.

Indie Minded: First off, thank you so much for taking time out to sit down with us for this interview, Lisa! For our readers that may not be familiar with you and your music, please tell us a bit about yourself and your sound.

Lisa E Williams: My style would be considered acoustic /folk/pop. I love old school James Taylor , The Beatles; New stuff: Ray Lamontange ,Tracy Chapman.

IM: How’s the LOCAL music scene in Atlanta? Do you find it hard to get people to come out to live shows, or has it been pretty easy in the past?

LEW: The music scene is awesome down here – one of the best places to play is Eddies Attic! It’s a great listening room with lots of national and regional acts. It’s great for locals. The open mic is legendary – 2-3 month wait .You can find live music almost every night with built in audience.

IM: You’re working on a new EP, tell us a bit more about that?

LEW: I am working on a CD, may not get released till later this year, however I may re-release my last CD “seeds of paper” again and do some acoustic versions of some tunes.

IM: Does this mean you’ll be hitting the road?

LEW: Won’t really be hitting the road, this year the Internet has changed that for artist

IM: How is your recording process? Do you write the music first, or do the lyrics come to you first and the music second?

LEW: My writing process is different each time … a song can take 2 weeks – 2 months just depends on the mood.

IM: Who are some of your influences?

LEW: My dad had a reel to reel and he used to listen to the Beatles & Jimi Hendrix, and I fell in love with that music and the sound of the guitar.

IM: You’re self-taught on guitar….by the age of TEN, no less. What made you first pick up the guitar?

LEW: Pretty much self-taught; I have taken lessons here and there. What made pick up my first guitar was the Beatles.

IM: What was the first song you learned to play?

LEW:. Wow the first song I played …lol I can’t remember.

IM: Do you feel as though it’s important to have a strong social media presence to interact with your fans? Is this something you struggle with?

LEW: Social media is huge. I don’t struggle with it, in a sense, I just need to do more of it. So yes it’s extremely important.

IM: Who would you love to collaborate with – dead or alive?

LEW: Would love to write with John Lennon and George Harrison – Alive: Don Henley, JamesTaylor …. so many.

IM: As an artist, how would you define success?

LEW: Success – if you are living your dream and making a living doing what you love.

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