New Found Glory is a 4-person American rock band from Coral Springs, Florida consisting of members Jordan Pundik (vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Ian Grushka (bass), and Cyrus Bolooki (drums).

The band released their newest album, Resurrection, on October 7th, and is now headlining their own tour in support of this new album. We were able to catch up with the band and ask them some questions about touring, future plans, and much more!

Indie Minded: Who are your musical inspirations and how do you feel about being labeled as the “godfathers of punk” according to Allmusic?

New Found Glory: We take influence from all around us and between the four of us there are many musical inspirations, as well as grew up listening to somewhat different types of music. If we all had to settle on one band that had influenced our music it would be Green Day, but there are elements of other pop punk, hardcore, emo, and rock bands that we also drew upon when creating our style. From the beginning our approach to our music was to just write music that we enjoyed playing and listening to, and we still do that to this day.

As far as being labeled the “godfathers of punk,” that’s something that we never set out to do when we first got together. Like I said, we just came together with a mutual love and respect for the music that we were making, and our goals were merely to try and take the music we had written and get it out to as many people as we could. Of course after 17 years of doing this, we’ve more than accomplished that goal and many others, and so we are very flattered to have become a band that lots of others look up to for inspiration and guidance as to how to make a career out of doing this, and we hope to continue to write and play our music for many years to come!

IM: You formed your band in the late 90s and have been continuing to make music ever since. How do you keep your music new and fresh and how do you feel about your evolution as a band over the years?

NFG: I think the easiest way for us to keep our music new in fresh after 17 years is to continue to write in the same manner as we have from the beginning – to write from our hearts, from ourselves. We never try to go too far out on a limb, we just create music that first and foremost we enjoy and we also try and keep in mind how the music can translate in a live setting, and then as far as lyrics go, we make sure to draw from our own personal experiences so that what we are writing about is believable to the listener. I think the evolution of our band has been very organic, as throughout the years we have definitely matured, yet continued to refine our style, however nowadays I think we’re in a place where we all understand what the “New Found Glory” sound is and we know how to draw on that as an inspiration for new music, as shown on our newest record, Resurrection. We feel as if this new record is just as “classic” of a New Found Glory record as any of our other albums, as it contains everything that we do best -energetic, powerful music with catchy melodies and music.

IM: How are you enjoying your current tour and what do you look forward to most each night you perform?

NFG: We’re having a blast being back out on the road in support of Resurrection. In many ways, just being on stage every night is a blessing for us as we have had to endure a lot as a band throughout the past 12 months. I think many people would have expected us to just give up after having to lose a band member, however we pushed forward and in many ways used that event as an inspiration to continue onward and to continue to do what we love best. In looking forward to each show, I really get excited at having the chance to get up on stage and connect with the audience. Inevitably there will be a few people up in the front row(s) that I find myself connecting with, usually as I look out and see someone singing along or even air drumming along to our music, and I will continue to look over their way throughout the show and in a way “experience” the show through their eyes. It’s moments like this that inspire me to continue to get up there and perform, and moments like this that remind me that what I do is such an amazing thing that so few people actually get to experience.

IM: Do you have a preference between touring and recording?

NFG: Both touring and recording have their pros and cons. Touring is what we live for; it’s the reason why we’re all doing this in the first place. The energy that can be conveyed through a live performance cannot be matched in anything else, and obviously we survive on being able to get out there and tour and promote our music. But that’s also where recording becomes essential. There would be no live show without the records that contain the songs that we play, and each recording session is an experience and challenge itself, and when recording I always keep in mind that what we are doing will essentially live on forever, so there’s a certain responsibility to deliver the absolute best performance that you can take after take. It’s really hard to choose a favorite between the two, and so I’ll just say that I equally enjoy both recording and touring, each for its own reasons.

IM: What was the reaction to your latest album, Resurrection, and what is it like watching your audience grow and evolve as the band has?

NFG: The reaction to our current album, Resurrection, has been nothing short of amazing. We’re all so proud of this record and everything that we did in order to create it, and we are very happy to just have it completed and out for others to hear. A lot of the songs on this new album have been inspired by the events and experiences that we endured over the past 12 months, and it that way it’s a very personal record to us, and so for our fans to support that and to enjoy the songs on the record is a great feeling for us. It’s great to see that with every passing record we seem to not only retain the fans that we have had throughout the years, but also we always seem to reach out to newer, younger fans, and at the same time bring back fans that might not have been following us for a while, and in that way we continue to see our fan base grow with each release.

IM: Lastly, what do you want your fans to take away from your music?

NFG: I think more than anything we would like our fans to enjoy our music, for whatever that means. Whether by singing along at a show or in your car, by identifying with the lyrics or music, or by just being able to forget about everything and for just a second retreat into a world where “real life” problems don’t exist, I think that our music has, for many people, been able to do one or all of these things, and it has done the same to us. We love what we do, and we’re proud to show that to any/all that want to listen, and hopefully we get to continue to do this for many years to come!

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