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Guitarist Connor Long and vocalist Conor Dowling met in the desolation that is Heywood during the late-2000s. Sporting Beatles mop-top haircuts and sharing a love of The Smiths and the electric guitar, the two became best friends and began writing music together.

‘With the speedy addition of bassist Josh Lloyd and drummer Miles Wimbleton, the quartet grew their skills on the local pub circuit for a few years before storming onto the Manchester music scene as they knew that if they could play an hour’s gig in a Middleton pub and survive; then they could survive and flourish anywhere.’

‘Since 2012, The Marquettes have become regulars at some of Manchesters’ most prestigious venues and shared stages with equally prestigious Manchester bands such as The Heartbreaks, The Lottery Winners and Blossoms.

The Marquettes pride themselves on writing and performing their own brand of solid, sincere music – the genre of which has been said to lie somewhere between ‘Tip-top Heartfelt pop’ and ‘Soul n Roll’. Their debut EP ‘Darling, Don’t Fret.’ Is due for release in Nov 2014.’

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