24 Feb 2015 Update!

It has been brought to our attention that the work on TeePublic by “iRoNDesign” was a complete rip of the original work by Kerby Rosanes. We’re very thankful to Kerby’s fan base who quickly alerted us to the breach.

Doodle Art

Doodle art is typically made absentmindedly, yet the doodle collection by Kerby feels very thoughtful. Morphing the doodle aesthetic into dynamic and defined subjects has resulted in an intricately interesting apparel & gifts collection.

Kerby’s doodle art is amazing and can be purchased on t-shirts and other products via Society6.

FYI: We’ve published an “Artwork Rips! Policing Copyright Breaches” post where we hope fans will continue to help us police any such breaches!

Cat lovin' graphic designer for GritFX T-Shirts.


  1. These designs you have featured on your Tshirts belong to the artist
    Kerby Rosanes. This is a direct copy right infringement and a poor one at that. Id remove them DAMN quick if I were you. Kerby is very well known

  2. WTF! Stealer! I know the one who really designed this, and his really pissed. We’ll track you!

  3. Thank you all for your comments and concerns. This blatant rip off of Kerby’s work was brought to our attention just this morning. Of course, this was something we had to look into before taking action, such as pulling down posts or pointing fingers at other artists.

    If someone had come to us and said that your artwork was a deliberate rip off of someone else’s, you’d want us to look into it fully before pointing a finger at you, right? This is just what we did in this case. As it turned out, these designs (which are now removed from our site) were rip offs, and we took matters into our own hands by removing the post from Indie Minded.

    Because of this incident, we’ve created a post (coming soon) which will allow you, as readers, to report any rip offs that you see that may end up on our site. This may happen from time to time, as we do make it a point to feature new and upcoming artists and designers, and can’t police what may happen on the internet. So, please help us help you…. if you see something, say something (as you did), and we’ll take care of it in a timely fashion.

    Keep on designing, and we hope to see YOUR artwork on our pages soon!

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