In their sophomore EP, Balloons, Ruby My Dear strikes a chord worth listening to with the vocals of Gabbi Coenen. Her hauntingly beautiful voice brings this EP to life. What sets it apart, however, is the chaos that builds within nearly every song.

The pairing of vocals and instrumentals brings together a stunning voice with a musical chaos that sharpens the ear. The songs might be long but that is because they are so mysteriously complex. You will be urged to continue listening just so that you can figure out what is happening.

The confusing chaos that ensues in every song makes this EP worth a listen. With a hint of jazz, and at times a smidgeon of pop, amongst a majority alternative and electric vibe the crew of Ruby My Dear keep you guessing and interested in every song. With both mystical and romantic moments along with dark tones in nearly every song, the moments created by this EP will leave you thinking long after you listen.

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Wendy Eaton
Wendy is an avid runner who spends her time searching for songs for her running playlist and blogging about health and fitness.