We live in an age where we are lucky to be invited into the online world of artists through process drawings/videos, and gorgeous large image files shared with us for our inspiration and enjoyment. That also opens up a horrible and terrible trend of people ripping designs and passing them off as their own! With a plethora of content out there, it’s hard for artists to police copyright breaches, and without going overboard on watermark stamps, even harder to protect original work.

The Indie Minded team are proud to promote the work of indie artists and we do all we can to verify artists and copyright. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find an artist elsewhere online and a rip can slip through the cracks. Unfortunately we had a recent artist spotlight post “Doodle Art T-Shirts by iRoNDesign” which turned out to be a blatant rip of someone else’s work! Fortunately, fans of the true artist Kerby Rosanes, were quick to let us know about the copyright breach and we removed the post immediately.

Help us Police Rips!

If you ever see content on an Tee Round-up, Tee Spotlight or any other post on Indie Minded which you believe is the property of an artist other than that credited, please let us know ASAP so that we can strip this content from our site.

We thank you in advance for supporting indie artists and assisting in the elimination (or at least the reduction) of these evil and greedy copyright breaches!

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