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Indie Brand Spotlight: Inka Inka


Inka Inka are a new clothing label that launched in the UK at the start of February. The brand are selling both online and in their local market in Cambridge (UK).

naval battle2a

‘I started the brand up because I’ve always loved shirts that are quirky and different. I thought if I could start up my own brand and do it for a living, then it would be something I would genuinely enjoy. We want people to find something new in our shirts everytime they look at them, so we put subtle features in the design that people might not notice straight away. We also integrate our name into each shirt but we do in it in a way that it is a challenge for someone time find, we didn’t want to slap it on without any thought. We also like to write little stories about each of the shirts.’


“In Incan folklore the king who was humble enough to eat his own words was known as the ‘Hero Upon the Half Shell’… turtle power.”

chicken inka


inka inka

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