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New Indie Brand Spotlight: Travel Kandi


Travel Kandi is based upon the social awareness of global issues. We truly believe the liberal nature of travellers and explorers makes them perfect conduits to promote social awareness not only of tragic events going on around the world, but also the great organisations trying to do something about them.

“Travelling is truly addictive by its very nature; our urge to learn and explore as human beings can be overwhelming. The more we see, the more we want to discover.”

travel kandi wind surfer

‘The drive behind Travel Kandi is the power of social media. Through its use, we can tackle such global issues by raising awareness to the cause. We’re here to unify like-minded individuals, all of whom share the same passion for wanting to improve the world. Power really is in numbers and the more people on board, the further our message spreads.

After a major interest in our ethos, we made the decision to sell merchandise in this store to support the cause. Our aim is to continue to focus all of our energies into spreading the message, and by wearing Travel Kandi merchandise, you are helping to spread the word, one tee at a time. ‘

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travel kandi rhino

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