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Indie Band Spotlight: The Slow Night


Toronto-based indie folk/rock band The Slow Night is our next vict- er… guest for a spotlight here on Indie Minded. We urge you to take a listen to their music, and perhaps we’ve introduced you to one of your new favorite indie bands.

A bit about the band, from lead singer Daniel Janvier:

We formed in the summer of 2012 to play a set in a Toronto East End art gallery opening for local acts including Mittens and The Northern Dancers. Our work is nakedly intimate. As the songs sink in, an almost unnerving openness envelops the listener. Musically we try to bring our audience in with enticing melodies featuring three part vocal harmonies, then the rising tension between the musicians bends the songs to expose an uncomfortable truth. Lyrically, we incorporate recognizable imagery with strategically placed visions of terror to express the underlying danger of living. With every song we try to connect an experience with the audience.

Check out their latest EP called Flicker And Go, which you can stream below:

Facebook | @SlowNightSays