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Indie Band Spotlight: Ten Thousand Tigers


Ten Thousand Tigers are a brand new band from Warwick UK.

‘We formed last year and immediately set about recording our debut album ‘Dancing Songs’. Having released this, we then produced a live EP ‘Dog Suit’ as well! We are now out performing in the local area.’

‘Interesting fact (from lead singer and guitarist Jim Russell): Visiting Warwick for the first time last year, I had a chance encounter with musician Jools Holland on the street in front of the apartment I was looking to rent. Moving from Manchester and not knowing anyone in Warwick, I was wondering whether it would be a good town in which to form a band, and took this encounter as a good omen. Subsequently I found drummer Ryan Field approximately 50 feet further up the street. 100 feet in the other direction was the studio in which we would go on to record our album and EP. Handy!’

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