Julie Diano was born in Burgundy, France. She started studying music when she was 5 years-old and for more than 15 years at the music conser​vatoire in Dijon. She played the viola, the oboe and she was also in a medieval music band.

‘Arts have always been present in her life and Julie discovered her love of performing at an early age both with music and acting. After studying in a renowned theatre school in Paris, she worked as an actress. During a rehearsal, her director asked her to sing a song, that’s when she realised how much she missed music and so, after woking in Los Angeles with an acting coach who advised her to take singing lessons, Julie moved to London. First studying on musical theatre with a vocal coach, she quickly realised that it wasn’t her world and then, while continuing to take singing lessons, she decided to write her own songs. Always influenced by movies and classical music, the most important for her being to tell stories by letting her imagination take her as far as possible! Two years of relentless work and the creation of numerous songs followed.’

‘Julie’s voice is described as light and fragile with a really nice aggressive quality at times. Her music is considered as very cinematic, feminist, quirky and poetic. Julie’s writing skills have been hailed avoiding making what she calls “porn music”.’

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Jared Thompson
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