Time for a spotlight on a an indie musician named Josiah, who comes to us from Morristown, TN. You may recognize him by the name of Josiah Leming, but this time around, for his indie release, he’s dropping his last name and will just be going by Josiah.

On Trial marks the singer/songwriter’s third full-length, and a departure both sonically and mentally from his past. As a teenager, Josiah had a brief stint on American Idol, and was the only contestant in the show’s history at the time to not make the Top 24 but still be offered a major label deal. He signed with Warner Brothers Records in 2008 and released two pop EPs and one LP under Josiah Leming, including Angels Undercover which peaked at #26 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. After two years with a major label, Josiah decided to part ways and release music on his own terms, including his 2011 sophomore album, Another Life. Despite a continuously growing, massive fanbase, the music never completely felt right for Josiah.

On Trial will release independently in the fall of 2015. Josiah chooses to release this album under his first name only to signify a departure from the sound of his adolescence, and a commitment to the craftsman he is today at 26. On Trial was produced and performed entirely by Josiah, except for “Swing,” which was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Dave Way (Fiona Apple, Macy Gray, Paul McCartney). “Swing” also features Josiah’s bandmates Josh Nyback (bass and kick drum) and Stephen Johnson (lead guitar). A handful of the songs were recorded as many as five times over the past two years. Josiah tried out different producers in different towns and even countries, until finally deciding to do it all alone. “I just couldn’t find the right situation with someone else steering the ship this time,” he says.

Check out Josiah’s video for his track, Can You Hear It, which was released earlier this year:

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