Cambridge, UK-based indie rock band the British IBM have released a new track called We Were The Stars, which will appear on their upcoming CD, Psychopaths Dream In Black and White, dropping on September 4th.

Commenting on the track, frontman Adrian Killens says; “It started out life as a simple acoustic song and grew into something slightly more orchestral after we began to layer string sections played by the awesome Anna Scott who also appeared on our first album. After talking to a church band that happened to be rehearsing in the studio one day, I got to asking about choirs – one thing led to another and a few of choir members came in one Saturday morning. Lyrically it’s quite a dark track, although it may not sound like it, about the self-realisation of a business man coming to terms with his complete lack of empathy and realising that possessing this quality will actually lead to a fairly stress free life in which he can thrive.”

I’m diggin this track, it’s got a great alt-rock-folk sound to it – give it a listen and let us know what you think of it:


Kelly Murphy
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