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Indie Musician Spotlight: Boudika


Boudika a singer songwriter based in London, is a beautiful, feisty and powerful vocalist, with a dusting of vunerability about her, this comes across in her music which is based on a personal struggle with anxiety and depression.

‘Her lyrics create a feeling of euphoria, making people feel strong and proud to be who they are. A personal passion of the young and very talent woman herself. The music she creates acts as an escape, even a sanctuary. She wants people to listen to the lyrics and learn to love and forgive themselves for past or present mistakes.

Boudika and the ‘Boudika Boys’ her band, spend hours together writing songs and constructing tracks from deep emotion and past experiences that will capture her audience. Currently Boudika and her boys are recording their debut EP which will feature songs Psycho and Torture.’

Facebook | @boudikamusic