Anthony Brian Villafuerte RN is a talented artist from the island of Cebu. Also known as zerobriant, he is a wearer of many hats… an illustrator, a graphic designer, a portrait/nightclub photographer, a businessman, a head nurse and a father. This prolific apparel designer loves design contests, successfully having his work printed on tee sites such as Teefury, Tilteed, and Ript Apparel.

Taking inspiration from some of his favorite (and the greatest) shows of our time, zerobriant is a self-confessed Browncoat, Lannister and Whovian! His Doctor Who tees vary in style and theme, and are amongst the best you’ll find online. This post spotlights zerobriant’s series of fun Dr Who + Looney Tunes mashup t-shirts – adorable cartoon versions of the 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors as Looney Tunes ending frames. Available on adult tees ($26.87 USD) and kids tees ($21.81) via RedBubble.

Are you a Whovian? Express your fun side with Doctor Who Looney Tunes Tees starring some of the most popular sci-fi doctors!

Whovian Looney Tunes Tees

That’s All Fez!

That's All Fez! Dr Who Looney Tunes Tee


JellyBaby - Dr Who Looney Tunes Tee


Allons-y! - Looney Tunes Doctor Who Tee


Fantastic! - Doctor Who Looney Tunes Tees

Can’t decide between these cute doctors? Check out the dynamic trio…


TrustUsFolks! - Dr Who Tee

Connect with Anthony (aka zerobriant): | @zerobriant | Facebook

Love this Dr Who collection by zerobriant? These fun illustrations are also available on other apparel (hoodies, tanks, sweatshirts and more), phone cases, art prints, and other cool gifts. Visit his store for more!

Whovian Looney Tunes - Merchandise

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