octobersIndie pop rockers, Octobers, have been together for less than a year but have already got their sights set on making their mark on the music scene. After they formed at the latter end of 2014 the band wasted no time and headed straight for the studio. Starting as an acoustic project, Skeleton Choir, it gradually became clear that something was missing. This something was found in Nick Ellsay on lead guitar, Liam Rhynolds on bass and Randy Gill on drums.

The band say they were, ‘raised heavily on punk rock, their roots still run deep and the sound produced falls somewhere in spectrum between pop punk and Americana with influences ranging everywhere from Tom Petty to Coldplay.’ They site their influences as bands such as The Killers, The National, The Gaslight Anthem, and U2.

Misfits is the bands most recent, and debut, EP. Consisting of only four tracks it is a small taster of what the band have to offer, but does so extremely well and leaves you wanting more.

Opening track, “Misfits,” kicks off with an infections introduction which continues throughout the four and half minutes. The singalong chorus ‘You’re a misfit baby...  is very reminiscent of those classic pop punk songs, though with a much more indie pop sound here, and has that singalong festival feel to it. The following track “Nothings Lasts” very much echoes this sound also and both tracks have a somewhat summery vibe to them but are also easily imaginable in a dirty basement pop indie punk show – which is never a bad thing.

Throughout the short EP Octobers have mixed together feel good guitar sounds, some good old emo lyrics and catchy rhythms and hooks to create four wonderfully formed songs. They are the kind of songs that will get stuck in your head all day and you would find yourself singing along to without realising. Surely the sign of a good song?

The EP closes with “West Coast,” the most mellow on the album. Of the four songs it makes a great closing track and shows aren’t just about those upbeat sing-a-longs. It is probably the standout track on the album and really gives the vocals and lyrics a chance to shine fully. There’s a sense of raw emotion and feeling that tugs are the heart strings. You can see a few tears in the audience when this is performed live for sure.

Octobers should be very proud of what they have put together here and in such a short space of time. They’ve managed to create a delightful collection of indie pop with echoes of pop punk running through it. The band have got something good going on here, let’s hope the future holds more of the same.

Check out the band on Soundcloud@octobersmusic (Twitter) and Facebook.