Sit back and enjoy this guest post from Cordelia Vizcaino, lead singer from the Boston-based indie pop-electro-world-alternative band, Cordelia & The Buffalo. In this post, she discusses the experience she and her band had at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal.

While you’re at it, check out the video at the end. It’s a compilation of footage from their journey, leading up to their performance.

In July 2015, our band took the ‘Road To Osheaga,’ traveling 300 miles from Boston to Montreal, home to the 10 year-old music festival. Held annually at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène every summer, Osheaga Music and Arts Festival draws in more than 100,000 attendees for its three day duration. Among the performing artists were Kendrick Lamar, Toro & Moi, Charlie XCX, Weezer and Florence + The Machine. This year, we where lucky enough to be one of those names on the poster!

After more than 5 hours on the road, our van pulled up to the entrance of the “Artist World” at the festival. Leading us to, hands down, the best festival experience we’ve ever had. And let me tell you, the food, oh, the excruciatingly delicious food. I think my band mates and I would agree, we would go back every year just for that food. Well, really those freshly-cracked oysters and a side of that view of the Montreal skyline embracing the St. Lawrence River at dawn. I’m still impressed at how much excitement could be jam-packed into a tiny beautiful island like Parc Jean Drapeau.

However, nothing ever compares to that amazing audience of festival-goers. They are every musicians’ dream. If you draw one in, the rest will flock to your stage like a force of nature. They have such palpable energy and infinite stamina that rest assured; you’ll definitely cross off your cardio for the day.

All jokes aside, there really is something extraordinary in that moment you share with them while you’re up on stage. They lent you half an hour of their lives, and that to us is an honor. It is what we live for. No matter what part of the world we get to play next, we know all the travel and hard work will be worthwhile if one new person decides to ‘Join The Herd.’

**Special thanks to our amazing “road manager” and vibe-tech Jeff Apruzzese, former bassist from Passion Pit who made sure it all ran smoothly. Jeff Dorenfeld from Heavy Rotation Records who made it all happen. **

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