Here’s a new track for you, this one is a keeper. It comes to us from Bristol, UK-based alt-pop-rock-folk (phew!) singer Rob Bravery called “Broom Cupboard,” from his upcoming release, Esque, which is dropping on November 27th.

The 11-track album is a beautiful piece of work, wholesomely crafted by the Bristolian singer-songwriter to explore haunting alt-folk intertwined with trippy electronics alongside his chilling story telling.

On Esque Rob Bravery weaves his way through his intelligent juxtaposition of sounds, from the bright gleam of chiming folk orchestration as found on “Cleaning Up” to the Deep South influences of “You Don’t Know When To Stop.”

Esque is an enthralling debut of beautiful songwriting and eclectic musicality, modernizing folk influences through time-lapse electronics, producing a mesmerizing album.

Personally, I’m loving this one – Rob has a really nice tone to his voice, and I can see this track doing well on the radio. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!


Kelly Murphy
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