Boston-based indie rock band Aloud have just released a remixed version of their track, “Darkest Days,” which we’ve got for you to check out below.

Originally part of Aloud’s CD Exile, “Darkest Days” has heavy meaning for songwriters Jen de la Osa & Henry Beguiristain.

“‘Darkest Days’ was written right around the time Prop 8 was upheld in California,” says singer and co-writer Henry Beguiristain, reflecting on the song’s genesis. “Jen and I were planning our wedding at the time, and thought it was madness that we could do this and our friends couldn’t, just because they happened to be gay.”

“We wanted to send a letter in song to our friends, telling them not to give up,” says Jen de la Osa. “With the [recent] Supreme Court ruling, it resonates even more now.”

Give the track a listen, and fall in love with the sounds of Aloud:

Also, check out this behind the scenes video of Henry and Jen discussing the track. Spare four minutes of your day!

While you’re at it, try to catch these guys live sometime, you will not be disappointed!

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