Supermoon T-Shirt
Spanish designer Pablo Bustos Moran (aka Wirdou) has been a part of the indie t-shirt design community since 2012 and has been printed at ShirtWoot, Threadless, Teefury, Qwertee and Riptapparel – to name just a few. He’s also a high school science teacher, and as such loves to draw “fun stuff about science, pop culture and… science + pop culture”. His t-shirt collection is full of entertaining geeky designs. He explores the solar system with a super cute supermoon design and horrifying blood moon design. He’s partial to particle & atom jokes and is also inspired by science-fiction favorites, Star Wars and Doctor Who. I think Wirdou is super clever and can teach us a lesson or two about the periodic table – the focus of today’s class. His chemistry curriculum features properties which will appeal to fans of music, superheroes and of course… science!

Wirdou (the science hero) saves the day with clever Chemistry T-Shirts which make memorizing the periodic table super fun! Make one yours today…

1. Noble Gases

Clever Chemistry T-Shirts

2. Freddie Mercury

Chemistry T-Shirts

3. Thorium

Thorium - Chemistry T-Shirt

4. Iron Avenger

Clever Chemistry T-Shirts

5. Captain Americium

Captain Americium - Chemistry T-Shirts

6. Hulkium

Hulkium - Chemistry T-Shirts

7. Krypton Man

Clever Chemistry T-Shirts

8. Heavy Metals

Clever Chemistry T-Shirts

9. Chemical Romance

Chemical Romance - Chemistry Tee

10. The F Bomb

The F Bomb - Chemestry Tee

Fallen in love with the properties of Wirdou’s clever Chemistry T-Shirts?
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